My Strengths

Clarity, authenticity, memorable experiences

Designing anything

Products (UX, UI), brand (identity, voice, tone), communication (websites, campaigns) … you name it. I’ve been through countless design challenges, always placing the experience first.

Looking ahead, dreaming big

I am a big thinker focused on long-term, strategic goals. I thrive when partnering with people who have a clear vision and don’t get distracted by fleeting trends.

Fueling positive change

It doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is—if there is a potential for improvement and lasting impact, I’m in. I act as an ambassador for change across the whole business.

Cracking tough questions

I always look at problems from different angles, employing intuition and gut feeling where necessary. Big decisions are my daily bread, so is logical reasoning.

Simplifying complexity

Confusing product interfaces, ambiguous marketing presentation, misleading communication—it’s my favorite job to articulate complicated ideas by removing the noise.


Not all fights are critical. When facing too many options, I identify the significant ones. I choose essential activities over minor decorative tasks with no visible outcome.

Learning, teaching, sharing

I study hard, put my knowledge into practice, and share it with others. Because not everyone understands jargon, I talk in simple terms—this works miracles.

Leading, not managing

I grew up to be a teammate, not a dictator. I value thoughtful contribution, flexibility, productivity, and meaningful evolution of roles within a team.

Organizing mess

I add structure to ideas, actions, and workflows. I eliminate barriers to improve collaboration. All in all, I try to make work more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Being nice

I was gladly brought up to an advocate personality (INFJ-A). One of my goals is to provide a constructive critique that results in improvement. I stand firm against toxic people.

Too good to be true?

I may have a weakness … or two. But I’ve been learning and practicing my whole life, so I’ll happily accept new challenges that would push me even further. Read more about my approach to design in The Power of Design Leadership and How to Grow as a Designer.

Let’s talk

I started out as a teenager playing around with 3D graphics, video, and animation. I like traveling, sports, music, movies, TED talks, and books on design. Based in Prague, Czech Republic. Ready to relocate.