My Projects

10+ years of UX, UI, branding, marketing, and more

Elegant experiences

UX/UI  I design products and assist development teams in solving complex application features and workflows. My technical background helps me navigate and optimize software while articulating design solutions in a clear, actionable way. Users should feel safe and empowered while interacting with digital products, and that is my ultimate goal.

Authentic brand

BRANDING  Direct work with the top management lets me produce designs that reflect and support long-term business goals. But to me, business is just a part of the whole ecosystem—I often connect colleagues with different backgrounds by collaborating on projects that benefit from design. I have been an author of a company-wide newsletter presenting relevant updates in a unique and perhaps even entertaining way.

Happy clients

MARKETING  Interacting with diverse audiences, nearly every piece of marketing communication—and not only the visual—has gone through my hands. I create a distinct, fresh, and memorable style with enough flexibility to comply with the fast nature of the business. Often producing both the visuals and content, the final products are aligned to an extent rarely possible with disparate teams and politics involved.

Meaningful content

WRITING  I have authored, edited, structured, and reviewed content ranging from email campaigns to recruitment ads and product brochures. As a design leader, I have gone through many highs, a few failures, and an exhausting burnout. I am always happy to share my experiences with others, offering tips to avoid trouble or boredom.

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I started out as a teenager playing around with 3D graphics, video, and animation. I like traveling, sports, music, movies, TED talks, and books on design. Based in Prague, Czech Republic. Ready to relocate.