My Passions

Crafting experiences for happy customers

Delightful products

PRODUCT DESIGN  I transitioned between engineering and design to get closer to customers and their needs. I love seamless products that empower people and help them achieve more with less effort. I enjoy simplifying complex journeys and removing friction. Function and ease of use always come first to deliver the expected value, while refined aesthetics contribute to overall delight.

Thriving teams

LEADERSHIP  I gravitated toward leadership roles even throughout my childhood scouting adventures. I knew I couldn’t win team competitions alone, and playing with others was more fun. I like amplifying my positive impact through the diverse capabilities of inspired teams. I help specialists expand their expertise while inspiring future leaders to tackle new responsibilities. I guide teams toward sustained growth and autonomy.

Complex challenges

DESIGN THINKING + DESIGNOPS  Even though I was closer to engineering during my university years, my career journey nudged me toward the design trajectory and its many colorful facets. I enjoy the synergies between my analytical, structured mindset and creative, customer-centric perspectives. I approach every challenge with an open mind, employing intuition, common sense, and proven methods.


I’ve elevated my focus to designing strategies, systems, innovations, and environments where teams can thrive and shape exceptional products. However, I still love getting my hands dirty while amplifying positive impact through the teams around me.

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Besides designing everything that comes my way, I enjoy sports, nature, travel, music, movies, books, food, plants, and interior design. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, and ready to relocate.

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