Hi, my name is Michal

Design leader with 10+ years of experience in product design, branding, and communication

Who I am

I am a curious designer inspired by technology, intuition, and teamwork. I am a decisive strategist who turns ideas into elegant solutions. I am an optimist who likes to have fun. I am a partner who helps others move forward and grow. After many great years at a thriving tech company, I know how to succeed with development, business, and marketing teams.

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What I do

I bridge disciplines (product design, branding, communication), teams, and ideologies. I ask many questions and learn from others. I help colleagues clarify goals and shape engaging experiences. I remove obstacles, fix issues, and improve collaboration. I care about big ideas and little details alike. 
I dive into hands-on work while orchestrating long-term strategies. I balance business needs and people’s aspirations.

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What I’m looking for

I enjoy healthy, efficient collaboration across disciplines. 
I bring value to products, branding, and communication 
by crafting authentic, memorable experiences. I am looking for 
a friendly, open-minded team that helps people to be happy, safe, and productive.

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Are we a good fit?

  • Do you want to make sure your product, brand, and communication are aligned?
  • Would you like to create the best product and brand experiences?
  • Do you wish to streamline design collaboration across teams and projects?
  • Are you looking for a partner to help with major design decisions?
  • Are you planning to grow a design team?

Let’s talk

I started out as a teenager playing around with 3D graphics, video, and animation. I like traveling, sports, music, movies, TED talks, and books on design. Based in Prague, Czech Republic. Ready to relocate.