Hi, my name is Michal

Design leader with 15+ years of experience leading teams and building delightful products for global audiences

Who I am

I am a versatile designer who thrives at the intersection of technology, design, leadership, strategy, and human interactions. I am an optimistic enthusiast who likes to have fun even when things go sideways. I’m curious by nature and absorb learnings from others. I love cycling in the forest and walking in the mountains. At home, I listen to music and take care of my plants.

My career journey includes roles like Head of Design at Pipedrive (CRM software), Design Lead at Deltatre (sports and entertainment video products), and Creative Director at Ataccama (data management software).

What makes me happy

I enjoy working with people, helping them grow and accomplish their goals while tackling intricate obstacles. My brain likes decoding complex challenges and turning them into elegant solutions. I like friendly, open-minded teams that help people lead happy, meaningful lives rich in enjoyable milestones.

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How I create value

I bridge disciplines (design, product leadership, engineering), teams, and ideologies. I help international tech companies shape intuitive, engaging product experiences appreciated by millions of customers. I build autonomous teams that take pride in their achievements and growth. I navigate the delicate balance between customer needs and business expectations. I devise clear strategies and inspire others to pursue long-term goals.

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Are we a good fit?

  • Would you like to craft delightful product experiences for your customers?
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Let’s talk

Besides designing everything that comes my way, I enjoy sports, nature, travel, music, movies, books, food, plants, and interior design. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, and ready to relocate.

No AI was harmed during the making of this portfolio. To guarantee complete authenticity, I only used my human intelligence in crafting the content.